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Examples of old frescos

(mainly from

St Andrew

St Peter


Mary of Egypt



St. John the Baptist. A detail of a Deisis composition.
St. Catherine monastery, Sinai. XII-XIII c.

filosofia2 (Jesus) (formerly

Paul |-source-|

Sv.Nikola (St.Nicolas), Serbian monastery Hilandar, Mt.Athos |-source-|

St.Savva, the first Serbian Archbishop,
Serbian monastery Hilandar, Mt. Athos |-source-|


Pantocrator from St. Catherine monastery, Sinai

"Our Saviour with the wet beard" Novgorod icon, 15-16th century.
Now in the cathedral of Trondheim, Norway. |-source-|

Cristo Pantocratore, Cattedrale di Cefalu, Palermo, ca. 1200 |-source-| (source)

Christ our Lord; icon made in Greece 1990. |-source-|

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