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Ochutnejte Mádhavu!, asi nejlepší ghí u nás.

Jul 11: update - Kdo je Buddha? (plain html, minor changes)

Jul 9: four old Java applets - Puranas, persons in SB, gunas and Vedic units - work again thanks to Bohdan.

Jun 29: Martin Vavera, výtvarník (Mahámuni v TV A11, 24 min)

Jun 23: update - Reinkarnace (argument proti posedlosti)

Jun 23: update - Reincarnation (argument against possession)

Jun 19: update - Duchove FAQ (Mkcd)

Jun 19: update - Ghosts FAQ (Mkcd)

Jun 13: Pěstujeme to, co potřebujeme a žijeme z toho, co jsme vypěstovali

Jun 5: O důležitosti mléka pro děti i seniory, a na co si vegani mají dát pozor.

Jun 3: Narada Podcast Episode 125 – "Celebrating 150 years of The Lion Guru"

May 21: The Nrsimha katha file (updated)

May 4: api cet suduracaro verse (BG 9.30) vs. Vaisnava aparadha

108 jmen Šrí Rámy

Apr 17: update - rajasika Puranas both subha and asubha

Mar 29, Good Friday: Christian-Vaisnava street talk (Jesus as the way to Father-Krisna, both remove sins when surrendered to)

Mar 23: Gaura Purnima katha update: CBh 3.9.157-227 - kirtan glorifying Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu (cz), 108 names of Gauranga by Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya (en, cz)

Mar 9: Siva Ratri katha (from Vedabase)

Feb 29: Jay Shetty Self-Help Empire

Dec 19: Gita Jayanti - BG verses only

Dec 19: Gita Jayanti - Gita Mahatmya from Varaha Purana (to be read after recitation of BG)

Nov 22: PODCAST: Episode 93 – “WORLD EXCLUSIVE – Black Magic in ISKCON"

Nov 12: update - Srila Prabhupada a jeho knihy

Nov 12: update - Srila Prabhupada and his books

Oct 16: Dharma Roberta Oppenheimera

Oct 15: This Land Is Mine... or is it? (the crux of the Palestine/Israel etc. conflicts)

Jul 30: New Michael Jaco & Dr. Ardis Reveals Venom is in the Vaxx's, food, water, drugs, etc. and how to defeat it.

Jul 14: Amogha lila das vs Ramakrishna mission ideas and the reaction of ISKCON Calcutta - also here

August 15: "It's your karma!": What Enlightenment, New Age and Nazism have in common? Gnostic ideology and its refutation.

May 4: Sri Nrsimha vandana (Sri Nrsimha avribhava)

May 4: Sri Nrsimha palana (Sri Nrsimha avribhava)

Apr 22: Mayapur-Vrindavan Gurukula Inquiry Report

Apr 12: How Rishi Pingala created the Binary Number System

Feb 19: Sivaratri story and vrata (Garuda Purana 1.129) scan 3

Feb 19: Sivaratri story and vrata (Garuda Purana 1.129) scan 2

Feb 19: Sivaratri story and vrata (Garuda Purana 1.129) scan 1

Jan 14: HUMAN 2.0 - Spiritual Warfare is upon us - Infinite Waters (14 min wake-up-from-matrix video)

Dec 23: Mají oddaní volit? - Šríla Prabhupáda a politika (aktualizace)

Oct 19: Holandsky sedlak obstastnil zelene aktivisty produktem sve prace

Oct 12: Manidhara das ACBSP on FDG speculation

Aug 8: blog en (saved defunct blog)

Aug 8: blog cz

Jul 1: CD Džagannáth prija-nátakam

Jun 16: The Christian Darwin You Don’t Know

May 20: A fun solution to overeating: The Anti-Gluttony Door in Portugal’s Alcobaça Monastery Shamed Plump Monks to Start Fasting

May 7: What happens when you die (interview with neuroscientist dr. Peter Fenwick, Thanatos TV 2020)

Apr 13: Parasurama's Food for All - Ukraine in Spanish TV (with Loka sarangaji)

Apr 6: What about the world situation?

Feb 27: The power of holy name

Feb 22: Caitanya Bhagavata (Sarvabhavana, cz; incomplete, unedited, anonymous translation

Oct 30: Fundraising campaign of Russian sankirtan devotees for new cars

Sept 14: Sri Radhastami katha

Sept 2: Petice proti biometrickému sledování

August 30: Sri Krsna Janmastami katha

August 22: Balarama Jayanti katha

May 31: update - Seneca on his becoming a vegetarian for some time

May 26: Why hinduism forbids one to cross the sea?

May 23: Jayananda dasa ACBSP remembrances

Jan 3: vyhodil som zo svojho bytu televízor

Dec 23: Bidermanova tabulka donucování (psychologie postupného zotročení)

Nov 26: Religion growth/rust nabozenstvi 1946-2019

Analýza 17. listopadu (pozadí převratu)

Serious stuff: Google can ban you from all their services with no explanation / Vážný problém: Google vám může zrušit všechny služby bez vysvětlení

Sep 15: Radhika Raman's Mayapur Seminar on Jiva Goswami's Sat Sandarbhas (2015)

July 30: 5 Minute Meditations by Nityananda Chandra Granger from ISKCON Dallas (on YouTube here - 5MM)

May 2: Firefox addon Video DownloadHelper and its new version 7.3.9 fail

ongoing updates: Zrudnosti v souboji paradigmat (dole vyjádření k ukrajinské krizi)

updated since March 18/2020 - metody prevence a léčby virových infekcí, poučení z koronového vývoje (průběžně aktualizováno)

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Vedas and Vedic culture: what you won't learn at schools

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

- Hamlet (1.5.167-8)

If you want to "be someone", if you want to be viewed as doing something valuable for society, you must have an education. In school we can learn many things but unfortunately not the important, existential ones. These are elaborated on in Vedas, a sort of manuals how to use this world, how to live in it as well as how to transcend it. Obviously, they should be available to everyone.

"Veda" is Sanskrit word for "knowledge". Sanskrit was the language of ancient Vedic civilization. Vedic culture, based on Vedic scriptures (sastras) called Vedas, flourished all over the ancient world with center in India, formerly known as Bharata-varsa. See the section Connections for more.

Vedas are the most ancient literary works on Earth, at the same time with the profoundest and widest scope. They cover all fields of knowledge, material and spiritual. The real treasures of the East weren't jewels, spices or exotic perfumes but the amazing treasure house of this sacred and universal knowledge which is increasingly validated by modern science and embraced by leading corporations, professionals and leaders around the world. It also trickles down into the popular culture thru media of all kinds. At the same time, our recent scientific and technological efforts can only to some extent approach the ancient Vedic material advancement while the Vedic spirituality is much more elevated than anything found anywhere else. This is not an exaggeration but a plain fact which becomes obvious when one starts to learn and compare.

VEDA is one-of-its-kind resource related to the Vedas and Vedic culture. Although there are many different encyclopedias, now some online, until 2001 there has been no encyclopedia focused on Vedic culture available to the wide public, aside several dictionaries and encyclopedias published in India and used mainly by scholars. This situation, together with a recent increase of interest in Eastern philosophy, ancient civilizations, alternative paradigms and a lack of comprehensive online resources [i.e. in 2001 when this text was written and Wikipedia was just 2 months young and we didn't even know about its existence], inspired the creation of this site.

Other sources of inpiration

Here are several sample quotes:

"Therefore I order every man within this universe to accept this Krsna consciousness movement and distribute it everywhere." (Sri Caitanya in Cc 1.9.36)

"During this period Siddhanta Sarasvati was engaged in the compilation of a Vaisnava encyclopedia which contained an explanation of Vaisnava terminology, brief biographies of great Vaisnavas, an introduction to the books of the Vaisnava acaryas, a description of the Vaisnava tirthas, the various conclusions of Vaisnava sects. etc. He called it Vaisnava-Manjusa-Samahriti, and it was later published in four volumes. A Vaisnava scholar commented on it by saying, "This work is only possible for a supra-mortal, a great personality like Prabhupada Srila Sarasvati Thakura. Even if 25 to 30 scholars and 10 to 15 men taking the treasury of a king began the work, they would be unable to edit it." (Rupavilasa dasa - A Ray of Vishnu, ch. 4)

"Whatever you have learned, you try to expand in English language." (Hari Sauri Das, Transcendental Diary, Vol. I, p. 366 - Srila Prabhupada quotes his spiritual master, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura Maharaja)

"My dear Subhananda Prabhu,
Please accept my humble obeisances. I have been instructed by His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada to reply your letter dated June 7th, 1977. His Divine Grace was very pleased to hear your proposal for systematically amassing a subject by subject encyclopedic compilation of all of Srila Prabhupada's teachings and instructions as found in his books. Srila Prabhupada said that he knows that you are a scholarly devotee and are just fit for doing this job. He said, "It is a very welcome suggestion."
(Tamal Krishna Goswami, letter to Subhananda das; quoted in Sri Namamrta - The Nectar of the Holy Name, Preface)

"This is the special significance of Krsna consciousness, that we want simply sincere soul; then everything is there. You study or no study. But for preaching work, studying required. If you are..., because you have to meet so many opposing elements, so if you can give some reference from books of authority. But even if you don't give references, you can speak logically, you can place arguments logically." (SP, Six Gosvamis Lecture, Los Angeles, November 18, 1968)

Site Contents

Vedas are vast and varied and VEDA specifically focuses on Gaudiya Vaishnava Vedanta, the cream of Vedic philosophy, expounded by Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, avatar of this Kali-yuga, and brought to the West by its foremost recent exponent Srila A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. You can find more details about this site and its development in About VEDA.

Its four main sections, Bhakti-yoga, Connections, Vedic Encyclopedia and Vedic Library, contain about 700 articles and freely downloadable files with all kinds of information related to Vedic philosophy and culture. Planetarium section gives a simple overview of the Vedic/Puranic universe from the pov of both space and karma, which is unique.

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z česko-slovenské (a částečně zahraniční) současnosti aneb nežijeme ve vakuu (tyto informace penalizují web ve vyhledávání Googlu, což beru jako pochvalu, byť to dělá automat):

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Spiknutí, jaké nemá obdoby? Investiční fond z Texasu prodal na short 12 milionů akcií Trumpovy sociální sítě s datem likvidace pouhý den před atentátem v očekávání krachu Trumpovy firmy! Fond dokonce o transakci informoval dopředu Komisi pro cenné papíry, potom ale pozici naprosto popřel! Dokonce byla vymazána z historie burzy na Wall Street!
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Petice proti čt a čro poplatkům
McDonald’s priznáva, že milióny jeho zákazníkov odmietajú hamburgery Billa Gatesa s falošným mäsom
Arcibiskup Carlo Maria Vigano byl předvolán do Vatikánu, byl informován o zahájení procesu exkomunikace
Vláda se před volbami chlubila novou tratí. Chybělo však zabezpečovací zařízení a přišla tragická nehoda (skoro symbolické - fake bezpečnost s Pětidemolicí)
Fotky a video z atentátu na Fica nesedia, boli nahrávané v inom čase, ľudia tí istí – herci?/a> (dalsi podivnost: dvě hodiny po spáchání činu měl pachatel vymazanou všechnu facebookovou i komunikační historii)
Expert na zbrane: Pravdepodobnosť, že by Fico prežil strely z pištole CZ 75 je takmer nulová (mnoho odkazu na konci)
Atentát na Roberta Fica – co mainstream zřejmě (raději) přehlédnul
Rajchl k atentatu
europoslanec Uhrik o bizarnostech v budove EU
Globalisté vytáhli Buddhu na podporu krachujícího green dealu (usmevna a trefna odpoved)
Z Eurovízie sa stala liečebňa pre postihnutých, smeje sa Anna Belousovová
Eurovize: Satanistický rituál v podání nebinární Irky údajně aspiruje na vítězství
Svobodní představili Chartu 24, která vychází textově z Charty 77 a kritizuje současný stav dodržování občanských práv v České republice.
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Jediné skutečně pravdivé a upřímné vystoupení v Davosu (koláž, K.S. tam letos nebyl)
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