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Before writing at the email below please read these replies to FAQs:

- If you're new to Vedic tradition ('hinduism'), we suggest you start here.

- If you want us to publish your links or to exchange links and you have content-rich site related to Vedic culture (i.e. not other topics like psychology, business, management, SEO, health, etc.), let us know.

- We accept voluntary donations, in exchange of which we're ready to post donor's ads. We have average 3 800+ unique sites visiting per day.

- If you're looking for specific scriptures and other resources, fonts, etc., go to our Links page or search for them. (After adding the previous sentence, those queries stopped. So our readers are intelligent and don't need to be reminded by Bart. 8) )

- Sanskritized Roman fonts Prakrta and Samarkan used on our site are here.

- If you want permission to use most of the graphics, esp. in the Vedic Planetarium section, please contact The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International. Books of Srila Prabhupada can be bought in every ISKCON center (addresses).

- If you need translating, editing, proofreading (en, cz), web design, SEO, tech help with computers etc., please let us know. We have a long-term experience in these fields.

When writing please use clear subject with VEDA-related topic and don't send unrequested files other than .txt. They will be deleted without opening to prevent virus infection.

Hope this helps. Thank you in advance for your feedback, esp. ideas, additions, corrections and onsite dead links.

Your servant, bh. Jan (AT stands for @, a spambot protection)

"There're two groups of people on the internet: first is on FB and second read its Terms of Use." (amok)

But if you 'must' be on FB, here're some tips for your enhanced privacy and security (more here):

Tails - a secure system (includes TOR)

TOR - somehow increased anonymity SSL proxy

TrueCrypt - encryption disliked by the Big Brother

Do Not Track Plus addon for Mozilla Firefox

HTTPS Everywhere - addon for Mozilla Firefox etc.

Criptext - secure email

more secure emails etc.

YouTube downloader - 1. copy YT link (before it gets censored), 2. paste it into a new browser window, 3. remove "ube", 4. open it, 5. choose format to save

/e/ - an alternative to iPhone and Android

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