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March 30: update - Vedic clothes (rearranged, Gupta dynasty refs.)

March 17: Petition to increase security in Vraja bhumi

March 15: update - Other Biographies (Akincana Krisnadas Babaji, Pisima Gosvamini, Raghavendra Tirtha Svami, Swami Krisna Prem - en, cz)

March 1: update - Gaura Purnima katha file (two Cbh sections in cz)

February 26: update - Radhastami katha file (Uddhava's stotra)

February 24: Sri Narottama dasa Thakura: Prema-bhakti-candrika (cz, en, ScaGoudy fonts)

February 12: update - Preaching (quote)

February 9: Iceland Decided To Do This With The Last McDonald's Meal EVER Sold!

February 3: USA Today columnist calls for arrest and imprisonment of vaccine skeptics

January 15: update - SB phala-srutis

January 8: US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Visits Sri Radha Parthasarathi Mandir in New Delhi

January 6: Pringles Potato Chips contain Cancer causing Chemical - Facts Analysis

December 18: Vedic aspects of Christmas, Santa Claus and Vedic Connection

December 13: Rep. Justin Amash Rips Expanded NSA Spying OK'd by Congress

December 7: Winners of ISKCON Europe Excellence Awards in 2014

December 2: Drogy a vedomi Krisny

November 31: I Haven't Made Any Trash In 2 Years. Here's What My Life Is Like

November 24: update - Duchove_FAQ.htm

November 24: update - Ghosts_FAQ.htm

November 17: update - Questions about brainwashing and paradigm shift (quote)

November 6: Why Steve Jobs Didn’t Let His Kids Use iPads (And Why You Shouldn’t Either)

November 4: Test ovcanstvi - souhrn

October 21: Indradyumna Swami - Krisna Traveling Monk (how he became a devotee)

October 16: Pan Siva zachranil manzela Lady Martinove v Afghanistanu

October 9: update - Mesic (citaty en)

October 9: Stastne kravy - cz titulky (Happy Cows - Kuhrettung Rhein Berg)

October 7: update - Grhastha (Brahmavaivarta Purana 4.17.68-107)

October 7: update - Purpose and Origin of the Vedas ('srutis mentioning smritis' list)

September 25: Long Lost movie site

September 16: update - Demigods

August 28: Katha Upanisad (cz)

August 14: Czech Padayatra 2014

August 2: Goraksja a vegetarianstvi

July 29: Duchové versus Hare Krišna!

July 15: update - Hanuman

July 6: Nestlé: Stop trying to patent the fennel flower.

July 5: Prabhupada verses - sources found by Hari Parshad P. (pdf)

June 28: update - Rathayatra

June 26: Hindu Economics and Charity

June 19: update - Grhastha (Brahmavaivarta Purana 4.18.102-119)

June 15: Srila Prabhupada Official Site

May 30: Water Cannons Turned On Peaceful TTIP Protestors In Brussels As Public Barred From Negotiations

May 24: 3-Year-Old Remembers Past Life, Identifies Murderer and Location of Body

May 20: The Empowered Leaders of the United Kingdom: Please donate five acres of land in Regent’s Park in Central London in order to build a Temple for Sri Sri Radha-Londonisvara

May 15: Vedabase 2014 update

May 13: Nrsimha Caturdasi katha

May 2: The Great Gama (the best wrestler of his time living on milk, almonds and fruit juice)

April 25: Pandu das: Blazni se zenou... (zjeveni Krisny)

April 25: update - Situation in Kali-yuga (SB mahatmya of Padma Purana)

April 8: Rama Navami katha

Vedas and Vedic culture: what you won't learn at schools

In school we can learn many things but unfortunately not the important, existential ones. These are elaborated on in Vedas, a sort of manuals how to use this world and how to live in it. Obviously, they should be available to everyone.
"Veda" is Sanskrit for "knowledge". Sanskrit was the language of ancient Vedic civilization. Vedic culture, based on Vedic scriptures (sastras) called Vedas, flourished all over the ancient world with center in India, formerly known as Bharata-varsa. Vedas are the most ancient literary works on Earth, at the same time with the profoundest and widest scope. They cover all fields of knowledge, material and spiritual. The real treasures of the East weren't jewels, spices or exotic perfumes but the amazing treasure house of sacred and universal knowledge. This knowledge, increasingly validated by modern science, is gradually being embraced by leading corporations, professionals and leaders around the world. Our recent scientific and technological efforts can only to some extent approach the ancient Vedic material advancement while the Vedic spirituality is much more elevated than anything we can find in the West.
VEDA is one-of-its-kind resource related to the Vedas and Vedic culture. Although there are many different encyclopedias, until 2001 there has been no encyclopedia focused on Vedic culture available to the wide public (if we don't take into account several dictionaries and encyclopedias published in India and used mainly by scholars). This, together with recent increase of interest in Eastern philosophy, ancient civilizations, alternative paradigms and lack of comprehensive online resources, inspired creation of this site. Its four main sections, Bhakti-yoga, Connections, Vedic Encyclopedia and Vedic Library (see the upper left links), contain over 500 articles and downloadable files explaining the structure and contents of Vedic scriptures and all kinds of related information. There are also Links to many other related resources and books to buy through Amazon. The affiliate payments go to Sastra Dana USA.
Because Vedas are vast and variegated, VEDA specifically focuses on Gaudiya Vaishnava Vedanta, the cream of Vedic philosophy, expounded by Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, avatar of this Kali age, and brought to the West by its foremost recent exponent Sri Srimad A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. You can find more details about this site and its development in About VEDA.
We'll be glad if you put a link on your personal site and spread the word. With topically relevant sites we are ready to exchange links. Suggestions, corrections, donations, etc. welcome. Please contact us.

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Book - ORISSA in the CROSSFIRE-Kandhamal Burning by Brannon Parker

Govinda vegetarian restaurants, Prague 1 & 8

Govinda vegetarian restaurant, Prague 5 - Smichov

Ghi, ghí, ghee (přepuštěné máslo)

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Restaurace s vodou zdarma (Govinda: 1)

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Obama Declares War On ‘Extremism’ – Are You An ‘Extremist’ According To His Definition?

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Petice: Ukaz „stopku“ geneticky upravenym potravinam v Cesku!

Michael Morris - Co nesmite vedet (ekniha, pdf)

Christian Engstrom blog

Your Digital Privacy and the US Gov's Watchlist

A week spent playing NSA reveals just how much data we leak online.

The NSA video (and petition)

ECHELON Today: The Evolution of an NSA Black Program

Tajný dohledový program ECHELON dnes: vývoj černého programu NSA

Six Tips to Protect Your Search Privacy | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Bitmessage (P2P encrypted communications protocol)

Whisper Systems (anon communications)

Daňová zátěž

Z čeho se vyrábějí komerční potraviny (includes en links)

You are not allowed to eat what you want

FDA Claims Walnuts to be Illegal Drugs | Government Lunacy at its Best

Technical difficulties of the media (iow censorship)

Uživatelé Gmailu by neměli počítat se soukromím, překvapil Google u soudu.

Petr Žantovský: Cenzura internetu je útokem na demokracii

Obama seizes control over all food, farms, livestock, farm equipment, fertilizer and food production across America

Life in EU Parliament

Byvaly clen elitni jednotky SOG: "Vetsina konspiracnich teorii ma pravdivy zaklad

World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes reveals how the global elite rule the world

Vynasecka ze Svetove banky Karen Hudes odhaluje, jak vladne globalni elita svetu

Florida vystehovala zenu, ktera si vyrabela svou vlastni elektrinu

Google odstranil z nového Androidu nástroj pro ochranu soukromí. Ve staré verzi byl jen "náhodou".

TED aligns with Monsanto, halting any talks about GMOs, 'food as medicine' or natural healing

Sedm největších mýtů o GMO potravinách a Monsantu

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